X-Boats specializes in the design and custom construction of Power Boats from Displacement to Planing hulls and Catamarans to Mono hulls. Our aim is to supply the correct solution to satisfy our client’s needs. Be it distance, speed, comfort or a combination you are looking for we have a wide range of experience with displacement hulls, planing hulls, mono hulls or catamaran. Our foil assisted catamarans are some of the most fuel efficient and high performance craft in the industry today.

Foil design: The term HYSUCAT is a registered trademark of the University of Stellenbosch and is today the general term used for a hydrofoil supported catamaran. In 2004 after the expiry of the HYSUCAT patent, Ben Lochner was one of the first to make use of this now public technology which is currently used world wide by a number of designers and builders. Today X-boats has developed its own Hydrofoil Supported Technology and has designed and builds it own composite construction foils. These foils are constructed from CNC cut profiles and has some distinct advantages to stainless steel manufactured foils. Materials used are Epoxy, high density Core cell foam, Carbon, Kevlar and Stainless Steel to create a composite resin impregnated foil. We use a number of different foil configurations depending on the design’s requirements and application.